Friday, December 11, 2009

Curry Coriander Cookies

Creating savory cookies is no small task. For me you have to include sugar in most cookies. Otherwise it's just a hard biscuit. But combining sugar with savory spices is the complex part. One of Gourmet magazine's contributions before it closed its doors was to find a man who had perfected curry-coriander cookies.

Curry-Coriander Cookies

The key to making these cookies good is to toast the curry powder and the coriander seeds before you put them into the cookie. This awakens the pungent flavors in these spices. Throw this into some buttery cookies and you have a surprisingly delightful confection that works for dessert as well as it does for part of a meal.

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Rachel said...

These were delightful! Bright, a hint of spice, a rich yellow color. Nothing that screamed "oily curried mess" like your typical Indian-American restaurant fare.