Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cake Pops

The following is the tragic story of a tasty, imaginative treat. The setting: end of the semester. The protagonist: cake pops.

Cake Pops

This year I have expanded the amount of food searching I do on the web. I have a host of websites that I scope out at least weekly. There is a great deal of ingenuity in the food world and one of the more striking ideas that I've seen in recent months are Bakerella's cake pops. I had some leftover cake from an earlier recipe, so I ran a beta-test of these pops to great success.

The recipe is as easy as the concept is amazing. You can start with any cake you want. Crumble it up and mix it with frosting. Form balls and freeze them for a few hours. This is one of the tricky steps because your hands get covered with the dough so washing them occasionally becomes a must. Insert sticks into the balls, let them freeze some more, and dip them in melted candy-making chocolate. Let the chocolate solidify and serve. The chocolate makes for a crunchy shell that conceals the tasty, sweetened cake on the inside.

Now for the tragic part of this story, I made red velvet pops covered in white chocolate and mint-chocolate pops covered in milk chocolate. I stood the pops up in dense styrofoam blocks to solidify and serve. I put the pops into my car and slowly drove the few miles to our end-of-the-year symposium. Unfortunately, these cake pops are extremely top-heavy. And without someone to help me, they all managed to flip themselves all over my car. I didn't mind eating them in this state, but I imagine others might not feel as safe. They were delicious, no doubt, but it was just not meant to be that day. If you're looking to wow a group of people, definitely make these pops. I suggest using a solid base or just setting the pops in cupcake liners to solidify and serve. You won't lose any wow-factor and you'll guarantee your pops survive to be served.

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