Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chachos - 04/18/08

Look at me, I'm Robin Miller!


For those unfamiliar with Food Network, Robin Miller usually has shows where she does a good amount of prep work over the weekend. That way, she can make meals faster during the week. Most notably, though, she uses food she cooks earlier in the week (meats, pastas, rice, etc.) to speed up cooking later in the week. This is exactly what I did. If you remember my chacos, I turned them into chachos. I made more tortilla chips with the corn tortillas. I reheated the chicken tenderloins and chopped them up roughly. I spread the chicken over the chips along with some cheese, then melted the cheese in the microwave. On top, I spread some salsa, sour cream, green onion, and olives. I mainly did all of this because I had eaten the chacos for two meals a day for two days in a row, so I wanted to mix it up a bit. It's just as easy to do this with other meals too. Just ask Robin Miller.

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