Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Goan-Style Chicken - 3/20/08

I had a busy week last week, so my food updates are coming today.

Goan-Style Chicken

This is Goan-style chicken with a side of rice. Onion and garlic are first stir fried with cumin and coriander (I didn't have any coriander when I made this, so I added some turmeric). The chicken is stir-fried separately until golden. The onions are added to the chicken with orange zest, orange juice, and a little brown sugar. The heat is reduced and some plain yogurt is added to make a nice sauce that adheres well to the chicken. On top, for garnish, are crushed, toasted almonds. I liked this dish because it was simple and the flavors blended well. I was not expecting yogurt to go well with cumin and turmeric, so this was a pleasant surprise.

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