Sunday, January 6, 2008

Truffles - 01/05/2008

After dinner comes...

Truffle Box

...a flower? This is one of Martha Stewart's favor boxes. The directions were so anal that I felt dirty afterwards. But the question remains, what is in the box? Let's find out.


Tonight's dessert was truffles. The base recipe came from a great new cookbook I received for Christmas. The nuttier looking truffle is flavored with cherry (grenadine) and rolled in toasted walnuts. The other one is lavender and rolled in cocoa powder. The cherry truffles were nicely flavored, though they did not set up quite right so they were a little soft. The lavender ones were a good consistency, but the lavender flavor was a little overpowering. I think the lavender ganache used to make it is more appropriate as an accent in a dessert as opposed to the main feature. The cocoa powder helped to balance it out a bit, though. I am pleased with the results of this. I cannot wait to try the other techniques in my new dessert bible. Thanks go to Christian for letting me use the gift box for the truffles.

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