Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Middle Eastern Chicken - 1/2/2008

Happy new year, everyone!!!. For 2008, I am trying to eat out less and cook more at home, which should mean more blog posts (in theory). The first dish of this year is Middle Eastern chicken.

Middle Eastern Chicken

I think I got this recipe from one of my stir fry books because it follows the usual stir fry method: cook meat, set meat aside, cook vegetables, make sauce, return meat, serve. The chicken is accompanied by onions, garbanzo beans, tomato, pistachios, orange juice, and parsley. On the side, I made some whole grain couscous flavored with olive oil and garlic. I meant to cook a vegetable, but I forgot until I was almost done cooking. The meal turned out pretty good and I the the only aspect I might change in the future is adding another spice or two to the mix.

I hope everyone has a fun, productive 2008.

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