Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ginger Sea Bass & Spinach - 01/06/2008

At the store I saw some nice cuts of Chilean sea bass, so I decided to pick some up. After a general search on Food Network's website, I found a recipe from one of my favorite chef's, Giada.

Ginger Sea Bass

One way to keep fish moist and delicate is to bake it in a pouch with some veggies, spices and some liquid for steaming. In this case, the veggie is spinach, the spices are ginger and garlic, and the liquid is Marsala wine, soy sauce and sesame oil. Afterwards you add some basil and fresh lime juice on top. The dish was quite scrumptious, though I did not make a portion big enough for myself so I had to supplement with some unsalted peanuts, dried cherries and yogurt-covered raisins. Worth noting, though, is that the sea bass still had bones in it. I really don't like having to pick things (bones, shell pieces, etc.) out of my food, so this made the eating process a little slower. I would definitely recommend finding cuts of fish without the bones, if possible.

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