Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bahn's - 7/28/2009

Bahn's Vegetarian Combo

I've tried Bahn's on 9th Street in Durham previously and found their rice vermicelli to be a little mediocre, but I was convinced to go on a Wednesday or a Saturday to try their vegetarian combo. I don't usually eat vegetarian because meat is too delicious, but this combo changed my mind on the taste of tofu. The dish comes with tofu in a black bean sauce that is a bit salty, but nicely flavored. The tofu cooks up nice and lightly fluffy. On the side is some ridiculously (in a good way) glutenous rice with some crushed peanuts on top and you either get a fresh spring roll (Saturdays) or broccoli and bok choy (Wednesdays). As a whole, the meal was well balanced and filling, but I still felt healthy enough to get a shake from a place a few doors down the street. I think this combo dish is one of Bahn's main draws because at least half of the people in the restaurant ordered it. So for vegetarians and carnivores alike, give the vegetarian combo a shot and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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