Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hawaiian Hammy Sammy - 9/29/2007

Hawaiian Hammy Meal

I had the hankering to make some sort of sandwich using ham steaks and one of my favorite pairings with ham (especially on pizza) is pineapple. I put together the details for this sandwich and side dish based on that.

Hawaiian Hammy Sammy

Originally, I thought about putting the sandwich on a large honey wheat bun, but then I was struck by inspiration: Hawaiian rolls. Each person would receive three mini-sammies. I cut up the ham steak into roll-sized pieces then pan friend them with butter. On top of that is a piece of pineapple. For an extra boost of flavor, I used an orange glaze that I parasitized from Tyler Florence. For decoration, I used another chunk of pineapple because I forgot I had bought a starfruit. I wanted to put a slice of starfruit at an angle on top of each sammy, but I guess I'll have to do it next time.

Cashew Raisin Rice

On the side, I have rice with some cashews and raisins mixed in for that extra tropical island flare. I like my nuts crunchy and as these absorbed liquid, they became a bit more chewy, but it still tasted good and went well with the sammies.

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