Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Treats Truck - NYC

While the food truck business has been booming in Durham this past year, the idea started in cities like New York. One truck we tracked down is The Treats Truck. Having seen the truck on TV, we knew we wanted to find it in real life.

The Treats Truck

The truck publishes its tentative locations and times on its website, so it's generally pretty easy to track down. The desserts we were most excited about were the dessert brownies (cookies covered in chocolate, brownies and various other toppings) and the ice cream cone cupcake (cupcake placed into a sugar cone). When we arrived and had the full menu at our disposal, though, it was hard to decide. Some free samples of wonderful raspberry brownies did not help and neither did the plexiglass window offering a view of all the baked goods to be had.

Cran Almond Crispy Square

The first treat we selected was a cranberry-almond crispy square. It was literally a hunk of a cereal treat that was made for adult tastes by the addition of dried berries and nuts. Simply wonderful.

Treat Truck Cookies

On the left in the above picture are two peanut butter cookies sandwiched around chocolate filling. They were everything a PB cookie should be - crumbly, buttery, nutty, sweet. The chocolate did not hurt either. Lastly, I chose an oatmeal cookie made into a large thumbprint with a dollop of apricot jam. The cookie was good and the jam brightened its flavor to make for a sumptuous whole.

The owner, Kim Ima, was kind, gracious and pleasant to talk to, especially by New York standards. When she found out that we were from out-of-state, she made sure to recommend some places in the city we should visit. While there are fleets of food trucks from which to eat, the Treats Truck should be one you find for a nice afternoon pick-me-up in the city.

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