Friday, October 16, 2009


Even though they say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, graduate school has taught me that statement is not entirely true. My classmates and I often do our best to maximize the amount of free food we eat in a week. As low men and women on the totem pole at this point in our careers, we’re not exactly raking in the bucks at the moment. So we’re more willing to sit through a seminar for some coffee and snacks, listen to a vendor for an ice cream bar (especially Locopops) or entertain a post-doc candidate for lunch.

Rascal’s Razzmatazz Burger

We went to Nosh last week for lunch, all on the bosses dime since we were socializing with someone who potentially wanted to do a post-doc with our lab for a couple years. Nosh is a big favorite among people at school, chiefly for their lunch catering. They make nice platters of wraps and sandwiches with good pasta salad and saccharinely sweet tea. This is the first time I’ve made it to the mother-ship, though. I ordered the Rascal’s Razzmatazz burger, which has a slice of havarti and sauteed bell peppers, and a side of so-so cole slaw. The burger was pretty big in size and I probably could have turned it into two meals instead of wolfing it all down. They put some great flavors together with the cheese and the peppers that were soft but still a little crunchy. Like many burgers, this one suffered from slippage problems where the juices of the burger and the other ingredients make everything want to slide right off the bun. One day someone will invent a solution, but until then we must accept that burgers are messy. But this one was good enough that I did not mind getting my fingers a little dirty to eat up the last little bits.

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