Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jade Palace

Jade Palace

In Carrboro is a nice little Chinese restaurant called Jade Palace. It looks like your everyday, average Chinese eatery, which is why my expectations weren't too high. But it seems this place has more to offer than you would expect.

Sesame Tofu

My favorite dish was the sesame tofu. Most dishes with a sesame sauce are fried and served with a sugary syrup with some sesame seeds on top. This tofu was pan fried until it was crisp outside but still soft inside. And the sauce was focused on balancing salty and sweet tones with the sesame seeds. The net result was utterly awesome.

Honey Chicken

The dish I ordered was the honey chicken, which was more similar to normal Asian-American fare. The chicken was fried and served in what turned out to be a honey mustard sauce. While tasty, this dish did remind me a bit of fast food fried chicken. Next time I'll definitely stick with the sesame tofu since it was so different and unexpected. But our overall experience at Jade Palace was good: tasty food, quick and friendly service, and good (if not a little kitschy) atmosphere.

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