Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hark! the Herald Angel Food Bites - 12/24/2007

I've seen enough of the fake sugared fruit as decorations this holiday season that I wanted to make a dessert featuring some. The end result were my Hark! the Herald Angel Food Bites (punny enough for you?).

Angel Food Bites

The original idea was to make a two-layer angel food cake topped with meringue and studded with three rings of sugar-covered cranberries; however, the angel food cake tipped itself over and broke in two. After some brainstorming, I decided to make these bite-sized versions. The bottom layer is an angel food cake made from a mix and instead of water, I added a mixture of whole-berry cranberry sauce, tangerine juice, tangerine zest, cinnamon, and sugar. On top of this layer are, in order, orange marmalade, home-made meringue (egg whites beat with some sugar), and a cranberry rolled in sugar. Here is a close-up:

Angel Food Bites Close-Up

I received many compliments on the look and taste of these treats and most of them went very quickly. Overall, I learned to not give up on my ideas even if they do not go the way you originally intend.

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